We organize company events

How about defeating a boss in curling? Or do teambuilding with brooms? Company events at curling are the best.

For many years we have been organizing company events on curling. And for many years, companies have been asking us repeatedly. People just enjoy it. And you will enjoy it too.

If you are interested in an innovative company experience and want to organize a curling tournament, teambuilding or just a sports afternoon with colleagues in our hall, let us know. We will arrange with you individually and prepare a customized package. We can also provide catering and meet other non-curling requirements you will have on us. Let us know.

8 – 72 people

2+ hours



3 sheets

  • It is up to you how many people you want to plan the event for. We will prepare a smaller event for 8 people and a tournament for 72 participants including a complete program. We have 3 tracks for you - each of them can play 8 people at a time.
  • The duration of the event depends on the number of participants, but at least two hours.
  • People who have never held a broom in their hands will also play Curling in our hall. Our instructors will teach you the game. But do not worry about unnecessary downtime. We have enough instructors to fully attend to all participants.
  • All you need is warm clothing and indoor shoes with clean soles. And also a good mood. We supply all the equipment - stones, slides and brooms.
  • In addition to the experience, you will also take home a diploma with your performance. We will be happy to complement it with your company colors. It is enough to agree with us in advance.
  • In order to keep you not being hungry during the game, we will be happy to provide catering for you - from coffee/tea service to great feasting. Let us know.
  • Some memories should remain preserved. Therefore, we will also arrange photo or video documentation of your team building.
  • And what would a company event be without advertising? Let us know and we will place advertising sheets or roll-up banners in the hall. Either only for the duration of the event, or you can use the space for a longer time.

Do you need something special for your event? Contact us to arrange it.

NOTE: Company events reservations are made through our contact. The reservation system is intended only for the public.

Download the instructions to let you know how to prepare for curling. Send them to your colleagues.