What is the curling sheet surface?

Ice, which is specially treated with so-called pebble. A grit of distilled water is applied to it, which makes the stones slide better.

How much does a curling stone weigh and does everyone have their own?

The stone is made of granite and weighs less than 20 kilograms. It is always the hall itself, not the players.

And am I throwing or sweeping in the team?

Players take turns in positions during the match. So they throw and sweep. Skip (team leader) is always one, but he also throw during each end.

What is a match duration?

The match consists of several rounds (ends). One round ends when both teams cast their entire set of stones. Then comes the next round. It is played until the game timeout ends. By default, it is 2 hours.

Who can play curling?

Anybody over 10 years old. You do not need to have any previous experience or be a body and soul athlete. Curling can handle everyone.

Is curling on skates?

No. Professional players have special curling shoes with one slip sole. You can play in regular indoor shoes. We will lend you a so-called slide.

How many people are playing in the Czech Republic?

There are approximately one thousand registered players in the Czech Republic. Will you join us?

How much sweep during the game?

Approximately 1,500 meters per match.

How long is the curling sheet?

The curling sheet measures 44.5 meters as standard.

What do I need to play?

Loose warm sportswear and clean sports shoes. We will lend you other curling equipment.

How to read "curling"?

Curling is pronounced as [kerling]. Players are called [kerleři]. We are not even curling, curler, curler, kerlater or carling.

How does the sweeping affect the stone path?

Sweeping it lengthens and straightens. The stone often and like to turn. So you help broom with accuracy. Interestingly, performance scavengers can extend the stone path by up to 4 meters.