About curling in Brno and what is behind it

We have been trying to get curling to Brno for many years. While Kometa has its Rondo and Zbrojovka stadium on Srbská street, our sport has had nothing here until now. At the same time, Brno curlers play among the world leaders. There are over 50 curlers who represent us in tournaments and leagues at home and abroad, hundreds of fans and thousands of people who want to play curling with family or friends.

Golden Olympic Festival

The meeting point with curling was the Olympic Park at the Brno Exhibition Center, where you could try curling for yourself. Brno citizens showed that they love curling and that they have their place here.

That's why we're excited to finally break the ice and get place for curling sheets. But it's not just that.

Do you want curling to stay permanently in Brno?

We need to show that there is a long-term interest in curling in Brno. That you want to play it like tennis, badminton or hockey. That you want to come play with your family, friends or colleagues whenever you want. That you want quality curling facilities. That you just enjoy it.

If you share a similar interest as we do, we ask you to become a member of our Curling Brno, z. s. You only express your support for curling to stay permanently in Brno.


Join us

Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about registration.

Our association is purely of interest. We are a bunch of curlers and non-curlers who devote their free time to this project and work for free. We want to bring curling to Brno permanently and with a quality background so that any of you can play it.