Jednodenní turnaj pro amatéry

Jsi amatér, ale curling tě nadchnul? Přihlas se na turnaj. Poslední neděle v měsíci je u nás vždy vyhrazena turnajům plným zábavy. 

We organize small Sunday afternoon tournaments for those interested. Individuals and groups can apply as well as beginners. We mix teams according to the participants. The event will have a standard tournament character and we will announce the winner at the end. Our instructors will guide you. We will lend you all the equipment. So come to compete!

31. 10. 2021 od 14:00 do 20:00
28. 11. 2021 od 14:00 do 20:00
6. 2. 2022 od 14:00 do 20:00
27. 2. 2021 od 14:00 do 20:00
27. 3. 2021 od 14:00 do 20:00

Cena: 499 Kč / osoba

Na turnaj je nutné se předem přihlásit

Note: To register for a one-day tournament, please register with our reservation system, find the relevant tournament in the “Akce” tab, register and pay. We will count you in.

Useful information


In jeans and skirts you can't do that much. Wear comfortable and warm sportswear in which you can move. There are 4 ° C in the hall, but you will sweat when sweeping. Heat from the feet is also important. We recommend wearing warm socks. You'll be standing on the ice for hours. What have you to wear? Indoor shoes with a really clean sole . Otherwise unfortunately we will not let you on the ice. Curling ice must remain perfectly clean not only for you but also for others. After all, you can't go bowling in snow boots. Children under 18 years of age are advised to wear their own helmet. If you do not, we will lend you it (even adults). You can also use gloves. There are dressing rooms where you can change your clothes and store your belongings.


Curling is a sport like any other, so it is necessary to hydrate yourself. Pack mainly your drinks, ideally warm. Let you warm up during and after the game.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the date of your game. So if you play from 16:00, come at 15:45. That's because you have enough time to change your clothes.