Curling hall in Brno

Meet the first curling hall in Brno. This is where you can play the Olympic sport, which is popular all over the world. Are you looking forward?

What is inside the hall?

We placed 3 curling sheets in the hall. At the same time, 6 teams (up to 24 players) can play. We will lend you brooms, stones and special shoe covers (so-called slides), thanks to which you can throw stones.

Tables and benches are also available when your legs hurt and you want to relax. You can put your things in the dressing room, where you can also change clothes, so you don't have to go straight in sports. There is of course a toilet, if by chance.

What is opening hours?

Hala je pro veřejnost otevřená každý den od pondělí do pátku mezi 14:00-22:00 a od soboty do neděle 10:00-22:00. Fronty tu stát nemusíte, protože vás na led pustíme jen po předchozí rezervaci.

These opening hours do not apply to company events. Contact us and book your own date.

And where does the hall actually lie?

  • Lazaretní 1

Curling sheets must be under the roof, so we placed them in the hall in the area of Nová Zbrojovka in Brno-Židenice. You can get here from Lazaretní Street. At the gatehouse, say you're going curling, and they'll send you in the exact direction.

How do you get to the hall?

Comfortable by car. There are plenty of parking options in front of the hall. Nearby are also public transport stops (Vojenská nemocnice, Židenice-nádraží station). And if you are not from Brno, get off at the railway station Brno-Židenice, which lies nearby.